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This project began in 2017 when the Head of Arts at Branksome Hall Asia, frustrated by the lack of empowering material for a large female cast challenged her Spouse, Jessica Mór, to write a musical for their senior school theatre students.

Jessica began to listen; to read, research and talk to the students, fellow creatives, and the Jeju community where they lived. Gradually, the story, songs and characters of Rise, The Story of a Woman began to appear.

This blog records the life of the project so far, with details of the women who inspired the characters in the story, a statement of our hope and intention for a future life for the show and profiles of the creation team.

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Branksome Hall Asia’s talented students sing a selection of songs from the show

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Opportunities to lend your support and news of what is currently happening in the life of the project can be found in the Support and News pages