The Team

Performers: ‘Rise’ student cast of 2017-18, performing in Washington Square, New York

Educated: BHA, Jeju. Nat: Korean, Chinese

The show was conceived and created for, and with, the student cast and wouldn’t exist without their input, energy and enthusiasm.

Concept, book, lyrics, music: Jessica Mór, artist and writer

Born: 1973. Nat: British. PP (she/they)

Lived in, England, Hong Kong, Portugal, Jeju.


Music: Emma Jay Ashton, singer-songwriter

Born: 1978. Nat. British. PP (she/her)

Lived in, England, Portugal, Panama, East Timor, The Open Sea.

Currently living in Portugal.

Opening number sung by Emma Ashton

Music: Angela Lau, Music Teacher, Founder of Play Inspire Learn

Born: 1988. Nat: Hong Kong Chinese. PP she/her

Lived, in Hong Kong, Toronto, New York.

Currently, living in Jeju, S.Korea.

Concept, director of shows in development: La Mór, Theatre teacher and director

Born: 1973, Nat. British, PP (they/them)

Lived in, England, Hong Kong, Portugal.

Currently, living in Jeju, S.Korea.

Thanks to our cultural/historical advisors…

Staff of the Manduk Memorial Hall, Jeju City, Jeju

Dr. Aeduck, Caritas Im, Founder and Director, AeSuhWon Sister’s Heights Center for Single Mother’s, lecturer at Jeju National University, Jeju

Dr Hesung Chun Koh, co-Founder, Chair and President Emerita of East Rock Institute, Conneticut

Yang Soon Ja, Founder Monsengee, Grand Master of Galchun, Jeju

For advice, encouragement, translation and ever enthusiastic support…

Bhu Yun Jeong, Jeju native, Friend, Mother and Events Organiser, Branksome Hall Asia, Jeju

For numerous English language articles on the history and culture of Jeju and the life of Kim ManDeok…

Dr. Anne Hilty, Director of EastWest Psyche Ltd (Hong Kong) and Honorary Ambassador of Jeju Island

For practical and financial support of the first shows in development at Branksome Hall Asia, Jeju…

The BHA Senior School PTA

Connor Quill and Jesse Paul Wright -ViDa, Choreography, Set Design and Lighting

Kelvin Lee –Publicity design for the BHA show, Dec 2019

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